Covering Ground

Oh, my goodness. I was fortuitously linked from one good blog to another yesterday. Particularly good was this post: vids featuring slipping between the covers (by which I mean books, squire), and the particularly good part of that post was this video, Librarian by Haunted Love:

I think it is pretty representative of what I do every day. And it features a typewriter. The lyrics are fantastic, and the end is a surprise. The other videos are good, too. I like the idea of the video themes at No More Blank Tapes. I miss blank tapes, though I was more into the audio cassettes than the videos… I miss the dual cassette deck, and adding up the minutes and seconds to see how you could most efficiently arrange songs on the A and B sides of a tape. You know what I miss most, though? The miles and miles of broken cassette tape glistening along the highway and on city medians. There’s just something tragically beautiful about the thin little threads glistening on the ground, once musical, now tangled and nonsensical.  Aesthetically pleasing litter.

Today’s most beautiful image came early: I was waiting at the light rail station this morning when a train carrying coal thundered past… The silver cars reflected perfectly in a puddle alongside the tracks, interrupted only slightly by the ripples made by the vibration of the train itself. Almost as good was the way that the train blocked out the entire view of the city from that point west — it looked like there was nothing but a few power lines between the tracks and the mountains. It was all very horizontal, and at the same time still and dynamic. Kind of reminded me of this Tom Friedman self-portrait that I cataloged a couple months ago:

Tom Friedman

Dynamic and still. Anyway. Watch the library/book videos. And return your books on time to avoid fines. But don’t try to reshelve your books — it’s not that we don’t trust you (rather, it’s not only that we don’t trust you), but we count them as having been used, and it helps us buy more useful stuff (so I learned today).


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