Weekend Purchases

Before this weekend, I’d never been to The Container Store. My friend at Anything But Mundane took me down there this weekend, though, and I found some useful stuff — containers for my bulk foods! I buy a lot of bulk grains — they’re much cheaper than anything packaged, you can get as much or as little as you want, and I have yet to see packaged arborio rice. Anyway, replacing the bulk bags with containers actually seems to have saved space, and I like the aesthetic in my cupboard.


In case you’re wondering, that’s brown basmati rice, oats, navy beans, arborio rice, jasmine rice, and a lot of quinoa.

Today I found myself at the container store once again, to solve the problem that I think many people have: I spend way too much of my life looking for my keys. So I bought this not-exactly-container-thing:

Magnetic strip

It’s a magnetic strip with magnets so strong they will hold my keyring, my ballot, and just about anything else. I’m considering getting a few more to create a longer, multicolored magnetic strip across that entire 5-foot section of the wall.


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