Temporary Disappointment

A few weeks ago we had a party… and you guys left us with so much alcohol we thought about having a leftover party (before we drank a lot of it). There has been a mystery bag of alcohol in the fridge for a few weeks — I thought it was an extra bottle of wine we’d purchased before the party, and tonight I decided to start on it…

mystery bag

Well, it wasn’t exactly what I’d expected:


…I can’t say I’m as excited about a 40 of Miller Lite as I would have been about a bottle of $7-$10 wine (mostly because of the gluten in Miller Lite), but someone left a little treasure behind — a Koozie specially made for 40s, so we’ve accommodated the no-longer-a-mystery bottle, and it’s living happily in our fridge.

with Koozie

Please let us know if you are the rightful owner of either the 40 or the Koozie, and we’ll be glad to save them for you.  Luckily there actually was a bottle of wine in the depths of the fridge…


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