More Anxiety

So I have to take my comprehensive exam this week — the penultimate hoop to jump through before receiving my master’s in library and information science. How do you study two years’ worth of material in such a way that you can intelligently write on three unknowable questions? I’ll be fine, and at least I have decent grammar. But I typically write with a stack of articles and books at my side, several Firefox tabs open at once, checking sources and doing last-minute research as I go. I guess we’ll all be in the same boat — three questions, five hours, and only a dictionary to save us.

Anyway, I’m glad I don’t have to write a thesis, but I have to say I would feel much more comfortable defending a topic I’d spent lots of time with than being surprised by a handful of questions that could have come from anywhere. Or maybe there’s comfort in the lower expectations inherent in the surprise questions…

I’m a decent test-taker, too (knock on wood), chalking up only two test disasters in my educational history: a pop-quiz on Spanish conquistadors in 4th grade (40%), and a plant physiology midterm my sophomore year of college when I was getting over mono (38%, which was actually 100% of what I had answered, having skipped anything that required memorization of ridiculously long formulas for things like transpiration and water uptake, before tearfully turning it in and setting up an appointment to talk about withdrawing from the class).

I can’t be very social for the next few weeks — there are comps, and I would love to finish my practicum before my coworker moves to the mountains and starts working from home in early May… If I can put in 60-hour weeks for the next four weeks, I can start living the sweet life of just a full-time job and class on the side… And beginning June 8 (oh, fateful day!), I’ll be a woman with one job, no school, and an MLIS. In theory, I’ll be a master. Wait — make that a mistress…


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