This is so clever I think I’ll buy her book.

And this was awesome on the radio tonight.  I had no doubts that I would buy it (on the very day it comes out), but hearing it on the radio makes me more excited.

Speaking of radio, I hope this is effective.  I have a friend who was a radio dj, but he couldn’t play most of what I requested because it wasn’t on the list.  We ended up settling for Bryan Adams.  Which no one should have to do (especially if it is to be broadcast).

I’m not sure if I believe the hype yet.



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5 responses to “Briefing

  1. Kris

    Looks like you were right to not believe the hype. What a let down! I was hoping (since it’s cold anyway) that we’d get one more really good, really wet snow storm that would melt away the next day.

    Springtime is such a tease: balmy warm weather one day then nearly arctic winds blowing in the cold next day.

  2. To fill in the non-locals: we were supposed to get 12″ of snow today, but got approximately 0″… I’m not listening to weather reports anymore.

  3. Oh yeahhhh…

    The weather was indeed hype. I love it, though–because it just reminds me of the unpredictable juiciness of SPRINGTIME.

    I think it’s going to rain (or IS IT?#%#$#)

    Anyyyyway. I, too, am looking forward to Tori’s new (yet old in topic, somewhat) album coming out in less than a month. Unfortunately I believe it is due out just when I am getting a gum graft. EW. Ah well.

    Music to heal by?



  4. p.s. I love chalkboards–though I think I like whiteboards better I admit. Though a chalkboard (written on with colored chalk) is probably the most titillating.

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