Where I Went, What I Saw (Part I: The Art)

Sunday portrait

My sister and I traveled “back” east (which isn’t really “back” when you’re from the west, is it?) last Friday, and just got home last night. She’s looking at grad schools, and wanted to spend time in Philadelphia to see what she thought… And then on Thursday she found out she got into Pratt, too, so we made a very brief side trip up to Brooklyn to check that out as well. Inquiring minds may want to know how we spent our Easter: worshiping human creativity (primarily modern and contemporary human creativity) at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where I saw the cracked version (as opposed to the un-cracked version in London) of Marcel Duchamp’s The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelor’s, Even, AKA The Large Glass. This is the stuff dreams are made of… Or at least the stuff art history surveys are made of.

This one was also a surprise — You get really close and put your face up against the door, and you see this (warning: it’s a little… anatomical). I actually have a postcard of the interior, but I never realized what an interesting context it had. Very cool.

AND I’m not usually a big Cy Twombly fan, I am usually a fan of somewhat narrative art. His Fifty Days at Iliam blew me away. These images won’t do it justice. And if you never suffered (or traipsed gleefully) through Homer’s Iliad, this probably won’t interest you. But, oh — Cassandra’s ominous name. Wow.

More to come on The Reading, The Walking, and The Thinking (I think).


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