Last Night’s Music…

…is still in my head. I can’t say I get out to see new bands all that often, but this is the first time I’ve really enjoyed all three acts. The Wheel (a one-man show — Nathaniel Rateliff of Born in the Flood) has a smooth, versatile voice. He has a falsetto (I guess?) indie thing going on, followed by some throaty (but still smooth) Johnny Cash sound. Hello Kavita was also pretty good — great lyrics, a Hem-like violin, and a slightly upbeat sadness. More of them here. And then there was the lovely Laura Gibson, who is so nice — meeker than her singing voice would suggest. She wants everyone to be her friend (on MySpace, but in real life, too!). She has the sweet vocals of Hem, and the haunting pace of Rosie Thomas (similar album artwork, too). And again, good lyrics. Though her songs are very wintery, she hopes they can be relevant to other seasons. I think they are.


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