Uncharacteristic Day

Tonight I am going out. Again. This is like social overload — a movie last night (Premonition, which actually has a sort of “greatest hits of the movie” flashback sequence at the end, and which you shouldn’t see prior to consulting me for my honest opinion). Monday night I did something too…. Oh, yeah — Dazzle. Tonight should be good: Laura Gibson at the Hi-Dive. I hadn’t heard of her at all prior to Monday, when a friend asked me to go with him to the show, and wondered if I’d introduced her music to him a while back. I hadn’t, but he’s right — it sounds very much like something I would play over and over and over again. Kind of Jolie Holland-ish. And somehow connected with M. Ward.  I just found this beautiful sentence on her website: “She couldn’t tell you what band put out what particular album in what year, but she could probably describe where she was, how she felt and what you talked about, when she first met you, or what the trees looked like the last time her heart was broken.” Okay, the sentence itself isn’t gorgeous, but the idea of knowing what the trees looked like when you have a broken heart is nice.  I’m a big fan of trees, too*. And she’s the daughter of a forester and a teacher — I’m kind of excited. I’m taking money for a cd. Check out her MySpace page, too.

In addition to being uncharacteristically social, I was an uncharacteristically good shopper today. I hate shopping usually. If I’m in a good mood, shopping ruins it. But today on my way home, I stopped at the mall, and just started trying things on. Stuff actually fit. Some was on sale. I even bought color (well, if blue counts, and I think it does). And one black shirt (I can’t resist it!). There’s a small chance I’ll feel guilty tomorrow and take some stuff back on the weekend, but I think I actually did really well. Stuff fits, looks good, was reasonably priced. And since I do this so rarely, I really have to seize the enjoyable shopping moments.

*If I remember my camera tomorrow, I’ll post a picture of my favorite tree of the season…


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