This week is 80% over

Today was kind of crappy, but ended up okay. I caught the earliest train ever to work (okay, it was like the 7:03, but that’s 8 minutes earlier than my target train and 15 minutes earlier than the one I usually end up on). It was still dark. And there was this guy who I thought was asleep, but then he started asking me where a grocery store was (at the stop we just passed) and if they sold beer and wine (no) and when the liquor stores open (I have to say I don’t usually find myself in a situation where that matters, so I’m not really sure) and “it’s not Sunday, is it?” And then he started talking about Jesus, and how he was raised a televangical, recounting scenes from movies he’d seen about Christ and the disciples as though the films themselves were the gospel. The conversation then turned to how Christ wears white and all black things are evil, and that’s why he bleaches his hair and pawned his black possessions after a vision he had. I thought he had vomit in his beard (seriously), but then I thought maybe it was a really bad peroxide effect. My ride is only seven minutes. That felt far too long today.

I had a conference call that was going well, when I bumped the phone receiver and had to start all over. Quote of the day was from a coworker: “The phone isn’t a very good interface.” It really isn’t.

And… I feel like I’m being pulled in several directions at work, and I’m too much of a people-pleaser to be comfortable with the situation. It’s not such a bad thing to be uncomfortable — I need to break some shitty habits someday, and it might as well be now, right? Breaking shitty habits doesn’t happen instantly, though, and I wouldn’t call it fun.

Enough whining. Tonight I’m eating sushi. I need to eat sushi. I haven’t had the real thing since June in Salt Lake City. I need a good sushi-eating partner. Someone who won’t order the teriyaki, and won’t shy away from the roe. It would be nice if he or she were local, too. Let me know if you’re interested.


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