A Quest for Balance

My sixth quarter is over, and I’m on to the seventh and last. My goal for the next term is to find more balance, and I’ve been thinking lately about what that looks like… The first image that comes to mind is a teeter-totter, which does require balance, but is much more fun when it’s in a state of flux — up and down, instead of just sitting there very still. I think I would be okay with that kind of balance, honestly — some busy times, some really relaxed times. Maybe that should actually be the goal — see-saw balance, where you’re always passing this state of complete equilibrium, but able to stay there for a bit if you need to… As long as someone’s big brother isn’t weighing down the other side, right?


I have this friend, Tim, who says the wisest things in the most playful ways. He’s on par with the Buddha sometimes with the things he comes up with. Okay, maybe not quite there, but I think it’s possible he’ll be there by the time he’s an old man. Anyway, I was whining to him the other night about this need for balance, and his suggestion was to stand on one foot for five minutes a day. I love the idea, and love the playful literal and symbolic meanings. I anticipate it working for a few reasons: 1.) it will make me take ten minutes out of my day to just be (I envision standing on each foot for five — wouldn’t want to leave one out, right?) 2.) standing on one foot takes a reasonable amount of concentration on the task, which will take my mind off of all of the other tasks going on. 3.) I suspect that turning my focus towards physical balance just might help with emotional balance. Anyway, I’ll try it for a bit and report any findings.


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