A Tale of Two Beers

First and foremost, thanks for the comments yesterday, and for checking out the little place I’ve carved out for myself on the internet! It’s good to hear from you on and off the site, and makes me wish everyone lived nearby so you could all be friends with each other.

Today is not going to be fun… I have to finish my final (I’m halfway there), and I’m hungover. Let’s talk briefly about gluten-free beer, acknowledging the fact that I don’t feel very good about it right now, and my body feels even less good about it.

So far I have tried two types:

Redbridge, manufactured by Anhueser-Busch,

and New Grist, from Lakefront brewery.

New Grist has been around for a while longer, but I think Redbridge was just released in the fall (my dutiful friends drew my attention to it right away, but I hadn’t found it in stores until last night). They are both gluten free, New Grist being made from sorghum and rice and Redbridge being made from sorghum alone. As much as I hate to support the bigger company here (or rag on the smaller one), Redbridge tastes much more like beer than New Grist. Part of the problem with comparing them is that it’s like weighing a light, citrusy (honestly, tart) beer against a darker, more bitter beer… Apples and oranges. Even so, New Grist is to beer what soy cheese is to regular dairy cheese. It’s something that might be good if, say, you were celiac from the age of six and had never tasted anything different. But for those of us who have tasted proper beer, it’s pretty bad. Redbridge, on the other hand, is to beer what Silk is to milk. It’s different than regular beer, but is tasty in its own right, and close enough to the real thing to be used (and abused) in its place.

Incidentally, both beers are alcoholic, and neither is particularly healthy. Neither mixes very well with tequila (also a gluten-free option), not even Hornitos. Can a non-Catholic jump in and give something up for the rest of Lent? I think that’s my alcohol plan of action.

Is it also possible for a non-Catholic to confess some guilt? I am really glad that New Grist exists, and that it was revolutionary in filling a niche, and I’m kind of sad that the giganto-brewery’s beer tastes better. I like the little companies, but I have to be honest about the products, too.



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2 responses to “A Tale of Two Beers

  1. Dahling…love your blog, btw.

    I’ll have to alert my mom, who is off gluten (and has been for several years) to these beer options. She’s been into red wine for a while (although frankly it’s probably better to go for the vino anyway).

    I’ve hardly had a bit of alcohol for a couple years and frankly I don’t really miss it.


  2. Thanks, Hannah!

    Please do tell your mom, and tell her I said hello. Wine is probably a better choice, all things considered (only ignoring sulfides or sulfites or whatever they are). I used to really enjoy beer, but the gluten free ones just don’t cut it…

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