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I’m not usually into personality quizzes, but I really like the aesthetic of this one:

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(sorry — it seems the embed code isn’t working like it should, but if you’re interested, click the link…) Apparently I’m a “New Wave Puritan” — bet you didn’t know that. I think it’s because I like tea more than chocolate…?

This is what I do when I’m not working on my final paper… And I discover new feed readers (thanks, c.go for the tip). Firefox’s Sage add-on is pretty cool (aesthetically — how often do I get to use that word twice in a post?), but has some definite bugs and inconveniences. I think I prefer the plainer but more efficient Google Reader. Here’s what Sage looks like, though:


Unfortunately mine won’t look this pretty, 1.) because my photos just aren’t this pretty, and 2.) because I don’t give you my whole post in a feed — you have to come to my site (evil, I know).

Anyway. The big paper is actually done. Just two pesky little article critiques, a presentation tomorrow, and then I’m only 8 credit hours away from finishing my degree!


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