Camping Chair, 1930s Barcelona roots

I met this British guy Nic in Florence, and we had some fun… He would make fun of Americans, and I would generally take it (and even contribute). He’d spent some time in Cincinnati, and marveled at the idea of camping chairs. First because they tend to come in three sizes: large, extra large, and extra extra large (I’m not sure if this is true, but he seemed to think so). Second because they had little arms with drink holders. Third because they were so cheap and available everywhere. He turned out to be a bit of an asshole (or perhaps an arsehole). (True confession: we dated briefly, broke up amicably, and a year later I wrote him a drunken poem, and never heard from him again. Whatever.) Anyway, I just saw this story in the New York Times, and checked out the slide show, only to find this chair, dated 1938, made in Barcelona:

Barcelona camping chair

I don’t know if it folds up quite as easily as our chairs, but does it not look familiar? Incidentally, the website compares it to “Calder, Arp, or one of MirĂ³’s blobs.” Maybe. I think it reminds me a whole lot of this one (available at WalMart, America’s all-time favorite store*, for about $15):

UT chair

* tongue in cheek, of course!


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