Updates, Errata, Etcetera

I do this thing where I have a lot to do, and I do none of it. Instead, I spend time obsessing over how much needs to be done, making lists, worrying, stressing. I can’t break this habit, and it is no good. I don’t even have that much to do — a book to read and write 5-7 pages on, a few articles to read and write about, a group project, a take-home final, a web tutorial… And add in work (37.5 hpw, and then some because everyone wants their images before Spring Break) and the practicum (8 hpw). Deadlines March 5, 8, and 12. Okay, that’s a lot. Please just don’t ask me to be social until March 13.

I made a mistake in a post last week — it’s MyChelle dermaceuticals, not cosmetics (sorry).

I’ve also been asked to report on the checking account. I’m just not sure about it yet. I had a somewhat heated conversation with someone at ING the other day because I had them send me a check (already filled out) so I could pay my rent. The “pay to” address and the address to which the check is sent can’t be different, which I think is obnoxious. I can either have it sent directly to my landlord (in which case I have no idea if it got there or not), or I can have it sent to me and made out to them, “c/o my name + my address” which is weird. I think it’ll work, but it’s kind of a bug.

Also, if, for example, my landlord wouldn’t accept said check, I couldn’t just write “void” on it and tear it up — the money has already left my account. Even though the check wouldn’t be deposited, the cash is in money purgatory or something, and I found out that I would have to make a stop payment order ($25) to put it back in my account. That pisses me off, too.

I think once I become accustomed to these little glitches, I’ll be fine, but I’m certainly not going to close my other checking account. And in the end, I’ll just have to decide if the hassle (which may end up being minimal once I get used to this) is worth the interest (which was raised to 4% a couple weeks ago).

It would kind of suck to be a customer service representative, I’ve decided. No one ever calls when they’re happy about anything, and the reps typically aren’t authorized to solve much. Not in most large businesses, anyway.

I want to write about beauty — it’s been a major theme for the week. But I just can’t right now. Until I return, ponder this: Do women “let themselves go” as they get older?


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