a new way of looking at cookies

My new position came with a Mac computer — my very first, and the first I’d used since my 7th grade keyboarding class.  A tech guy in the college said, “My best advice for you is to forget everything you think you know about PCs and just start over.” It hasn’t been an unpleasant experience.  I slip up a lot on the Alt/Ctrl/Apple/Option key issues, mostly because I switch between the work Mac and the home PC, but all in all, I like the Mac with its dock, it’s F9 and F11 tricks, and relatively uncluttered desktop area.  As long as I don’t remain too dependent on the tricks I know for working with PCs, I’m okay.

Where do cookies come in?  Well, I haven’t really had any since June, when I stopped eating wheat and dairy.  They make cookies I can eat, but to be honest, I’m kind of afraid of those.  Or was afraid, until the other day when I bought a gluten-free, dairy-free cookie mix.  If I mix my own egg and butter in, how bad can they be?  (don’t answer that yet, and realize that while I don’t eat much dairy, I do make an exception for butter because margarine is nasty. And I overlook the fact that green curry may have milk or cream in it).  I’m not much of a cook, so baking these was a bit of a fiasco.  The recipe said to use cold butter, and to beat it with an electric mixer until it became creamy.  Maybe I’m impatient and this would have happened eventually, but the margarine essentially got stuck in the mixer thingys (I don’t know what they’re called), and nothing was being whipped or becoming creamy whatsoever.  So I went ahead and added in the powdery mixture…  Which didn’t help matters, but eventually (with some scraping out of the mixer thingys), I ended up with some powdery, dry cookie dough.  According to the package, that was about what I should have expected.

The cookie dough didn’t taste normal, but it didn’t taste bad.  That’s where the Mac stuff above becomes a bit of a Mac analogy.  I need to forget what I think I know about cookies, and start over.  Because these gluten-free, dairy-free cookies aren’t that bad, they’re just not as cookie-ish as I’d hoped.  They have a slight bitter/nutty taste (very slight), they don’t hold together well (but they’re not dry — it’s more of a moist crumbly thing going on here).  Similarly, I need to forget about the old flour tortillas and learn to appreciate the spelt tortillas.  I need to forget altogether about cheese (because cheese substitute is vile).  It didn’t take long to love quinoa more than couscous, or to like Ezekial bread, or flax toaster waffles.  I can’t wait to begin loving more gluten-free beer.  And much like Macs F11 and F9 tricks I love so much, I have discovered the smooth loveliness of Chopin vodka because of this diet.  That can’t be a bad thing.


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