Feeling much better — not 100%, but damn, being sick sucks.  Breathing out of both nostrils.  Mostly not coughing.  Sleeping through the night on one dose of generic NyQuil.  This is the good life.

I have this suspicion that most people prefer a certain type (or a few certain types) of reading material to others.  I have a friend who only occasionally finishes a book but reads the Sunday newspaper cover to cover each week.  I, on the other hand, can really only read novels, relatively compelling non-fiction books (something that’s absolutely meant to be read from start to finish, not a reference-type book), short stories, very short poems (no longer than a couple of small-ish pages), and e-mails.  Even when I’m interested in a topic, it’s extremely rare that I can read an entire newspaper article, magazine article, journal article, or less-than-compelling non-fiction book.  Essays?  Forget it.  This is why I will probably never get a PhD in anything liberal artsy.  Ironically, I typically can’t even read a blog post all the way through.  My eyes skip around the page, I try to move too quickly, try to get the main ideas, but essentially fail.

An example:  A few weeks ago, a friend sent me a link to this article about Mandy Moore, and how she’s been kind of depressed and had done some soul searching, and apparently this was coming through in her music.  The text of the e-mail implied that the article was supposed to be funny, and he said that I was only allowed to make fun of him once.  I totally didn’t get it…  I mean, what’s funny about a girl doing some soul searching?  And then (after talking about it with the friend) I realized that while I thought I’d read the article, I’d missed the humorous part where she says she feels sorry for all of the people (including my friend) who paid money to listen to the shallow pop music of the “old” Mandy.  This happens all the time.  I hate reading news!

I also hate watching the news.  I have major problems with network anchors, possibly dating to my formative years when I wanted to tour a studio for my birthday but was denied because apparently you have to be 12 (I was turning 7).  Then I was supposed to meet my idol anchor at a Pow Wow (seriously), but she didn’t show up.  Instead, they mailed some Channel 3 pencils to me, along with an autographed photo of said anchor, whom I didn’t much like anymore.  …All of that, and it’s so sensational!  Iraq doesn’t get ratings anymore, but a ban on teen use of tanning beds does?  Guess what the top story is…

I do, however, like listening to news.  LOVE listening to news.  NPR in particular (NPR only, really).  I haven’t been so good about it since I cut my daily commute significantly, but I like the attention to issues, the longer stories, the seriousness of the shows.  I do wish I liked the New York Times or the Guardian or something else just as much, but I just can’t do it…

I should add that I’m not really reading anything at the moment, apart from articles for school (trying to read them, anyway) and a color management book (which counts as compelling non-fiction, actually).  Not much to report there.  Unless you want to know about using curves in Photoshop and my love of the LAB color space, especially the b channel.  It has made my week at work pretty fantastic.


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