Sick today… Nothing big, just a cold (but with aches), and I’m especially whiny because this is the first time I’ve been this sick since May. In fact, the closest I’ve had to a cold was a couple days of a runny nose a few weeks ago. I attribute this to eating relatively well, and I think that wheat and dairy are poisonous. I know you don’t agree. It’s okay. But I still think it’s true.

Life is about to get just a little busier for me… I start my practicum this week, working with a digital initiatives librarian for 100 (unpaid) hours over the next few months. I’ll be doing some text encoding, workflow development, and best practices research on encoding TEI finding aids and oral history transcripts… AND I think I might get to work a little bit on the user interface of a statewide digital repository for academic libraries. So. I’m excited about what I’ll be doing, but nervous about adding one more thing to class, work, and time to do what I want.

Like go to jam band concerts. (kidding). I went to this Tea Leaf Green show in Boulder on Friday night because a friend is really into their music… Maybe I’m a conservative prude or something, but I couldn’t believe how much weed was smoked in plain view! I’ve been to concerts and seen and smelled it, but seriously — this was so obvious. I felt old, straightlaced, tired (they didn’t even start until 10:30).

One more thing: Someone pointed out that Texas’s mandate of the HPV vaccine may have had more to do with the money pharmaceutical company Merck will make, and the governor’s relationship with Merck. (or something like that — feel free to clarify if I’ve butchered this… seriously, you can comment!). Good idea, bad motive? Bad altogether?


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