Hello again… I’m back from a week with family (my grandmother passed away, not unexpected, but still a bit sudden).  It was…  sad.  Lots of time with relatives, some I didn’t necessarily know very well (for better in some cases, for worse in others).  Lots of time looking at old photographs.  Crying, laughing.  I still feel a little numb.

Anyway.  I’m back — lots to do in terms of laundry, reading, and work.  I should be doing laundry tonight, but instead I’ll put it off one more day.  I get to a point in my wardrobe when all of the easy-to-wear clothes (which don’t require ironing and are comfortable) are dirty, and then I have to resort to the slightly-too-casual (jeans), uncomfortable (like that tweed skirt without a lining that sticks to my tights), and the nicer-than-usual clothes (anything that requires ironing or must be worn with heels).  So on days when I look nice, it’s probably just that I haven’t done laundry.

Speaking of clothing…  Has anyone noticed that boot-cut jeans are getting extremely hard to find?  In the past few weeks, I’ve been halfheartedly looking, and noticed that about half of what I’ve tried on has a freaking tapered ankle…  This is probably how ladies of the 80s felt when their shoulder pads went out, and I know it’s that I’m getting a little old…  My most recent jeans problem was that they were all super-stretchy — like so stretchy that you had to either buy them too small and suck it up on the first day of wear, or buy your actual size and do laundry after every wear (refer to last paragraph regarding laundry woes).  Also a problem:  the unnatural “worn out” look.  Why do I want to buy jeans with holes in them?  What happened to my gorgeously perfect Limited jeans? (they’re just dirty, but the point is that I can’t buy any more)  Or my Silvers, purchased at Carlucci’s in Monte Vista in 2001? (wore them until the holes made them unsalvageable — note that I didn’t purchase them with holes)…  Anyway.  I just need to keep thinking about shoulder pads and get on with my fashion life.

And speaking of fashion…  Even though I know they would make me cry, I kind of want to be on  TLC’s What Not to Wear.  I think the following might qualify me: my shoes, some thrift store purchases, the shirt I bought in 1996 and still wear, shirts I safety pin so they stay closed at the bust.  You can probably think of others.  It’s supposed to be a surprise.  I’m just planting a seed….

Finished Schopenhauer’s Porcupines, which was good — I liked the case study format, but had to wonder which parts were fictional (you know, to protect patients’ privacy) and if any part was fictional, how true the case could even be….  But even so, it was a worthwhile read — interesting to see the “behind the scenes” area of psychotherapy (what the therapist thinks, wrong turns, right turns, etc.).  I’m cutting myself off of pleasure reading for a few weeks — too much coursework reading to be done.  I should get back to it, actually…


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