Popular Demand

Sorry about the lack of entries last week… I had a friend in town from high school, and there were some festivities surrounding that and, frankly, less one-on-one time with the computer (which can be really good for me). The highlights:

1.) deciding not to attempt to cook and just go out or order in every night.
2.) having an out-of-towner agree that, yes, our unplowed roads* are shitty!
3.) sending a country girl onto the light rail by herself.
4.) catching up with an unlikely crowd of high school friends, looking back and realizing what a long time it’s been.

Not among the highlights:

1.) The drunk hostess — damn, what was she thinking?

Anyway.  There was that.  I was, um, the drunk hostess.  I haven’t really had much alcohol since June, and, well, I kind of let loose.  It was miserable in the long run.  I can do some really idiotic (but human) things.

And speaking of Human Thing(s), I get to see the Be Good Tanyas next Monday, and I’m really excited about it.  I love their new album, and I think it’ll be cool to see them at Cervantes’…  which I’ve never been to, but hear is pretty small.  I really think it’s interesting the way my knowledge of music has changed.  Anymore, I buy the songs online or hear them on the radio…  It’s rare I have a good idea of what an artist looks like.  Which makes the concerts all the more exciting.

My sister is making a grapefruit rosemary reduction.  To put on halibut.  She’s even going to share with me, and all I have to do are the dishes.  Life is pretty good.

*note: roads were plowed yesterday.


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