Closing the covers on…

I thought I hadn’t been reading, but I actually have…  Finished Lying on the Couch last night — fun twists at the end, and overall happy feelings…  bad people aren’t always bad, and good people aren’t always good.  I like a book that can portray those transformations.  I’m also glad that it didn’t tie up quite as neatly as it could have — many of the characters who could have known each other never met.  I hate when the story is tied a little too tightly (The Kite Runner comes to mind).

I finished Winston’s collection on library leadership, and it mostly wasn’t crocky inspirational garbage.  And (don’t tell) it is a little inspiring.  I look at people I’ve worked for and start to understand some of them better.  And my respect for my current supervisor is growing.  I don’t know if I care to be a “leader,” but I would like to be effective at work, and that was largely what they were talking about — being effective at getting others (under you, level with you, above you) to do their best.  Not so bad.


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