Last Night’s Dream

Crazy.  I think it was rooted in the 5:00 comedy on 97.3, or maybe the subsequent playing of whatshisname’s song “Cocaine.”  Anyway:  I am going to get my hair cut, and I’m somewhere on South Broadway.  I say I want it short, then shy away, opting only for those cute bangs everyone has — you know, the swept-to-the-side bangs.  The guy’s playing with my hair, ready to go.  My sister is there, and her childhood friend (who is now in the military, stationed in Japan) shows up.  Just as he’s getting ready to cut, the hair dresser’s friend comes in and talks somewhat discreetly to him.  The go into the bathroom.  The childhood friend breaks the door, revealing the hairdresser snorting cocaine off of a flat iron (CHI, I’m sure).  And I leave — same old haircut…


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