Are You Kidding?

I can’t believe this snow.  I’ve always lived in places where it snows a fair amount, but I can never remember three storms of this size in less than three weeks.  They’ve plowed our road once, just before the second storm, and driving on it is like being an unskilled skier on moguls.  I know it’s just too much for the city to keep up with, and at least I’m not on the plains, where they were considering using helicopters to deliver food for people and livestock.  But wow.   Part of me hates it — it’s exhausting to drive in and walk in, and there is still work to go to, errands to run.  Part of me loves the quietness of the actual storm, though.  It’s like the city becomes this enclosed space, all sound is absorbed, and the sky spills into the street.  It can be truly gorgeous.

Some thoughts on blogging: I’m curious how seasoned bloggers feel about privacy, etc.  I’ve kept a journal for years, and in some ways this is similar on my end, but different in that everyone can read it.  I’m not paranoid, but I don’t think I’m naive, either, when it comes to maintaining some level of privacy, but I feel somewhat restrained in what I write.  I suppose I should clarify my purpose…  I mean to carve out a little place on the web where I can a.) keep in touch with people, or at least let them know what’s going on in my world, and b.) share interesting finds (art, music, books, etc.).  I think that’s all.  I won’t be a widely read or wildly entertaining blogger, but that’s not my purpose.

Saying that makes me feel better.

Happy snow day.


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