Day One

This job is different in so many ways. I’m the new director (having been assistant director for a couple years in a similar department at another school). I have never directed. No one has ever handed me the reins and said “go!” I’m so used to being an assistant — research assistant, administrative assistant, desk assistant, sales associate (basically the same), assistant director, office assistant, etc. — that it is really hard to grasp that this time is different. It’s going to take getting used to. And hard work. But I’m really excited. Hooray!

It was a slow day, really. Students have arrived, but classes don’t start until tomorrow. I’m getting used to the cataloging system (so many steps, and they’re all on different pages!). I think I made a few mistakes, but nothing I can’t fix (and learn by fixing) tomorrow. I want to throw myself into this. Find the work-loving part of me that I must have inherited from my parents.

In other news: Jamie loved the calendar I bought her on Etsy, which makes me happy. I keep missing her phone calls, but we’ll catch up soon enough. Mom and Michael were in town for the day, and I got to have lunch with them. Mmmm… Mad Greens. Today’s notable songs: “Wrap Your Love Around Me” by The Village Green and “Omaha” by Tapes ‘n’ Tapes. Also notable: a brief e-mail from an old friend who would like to be in touch again (it’s complicated and a little scary, but potentially really good). AND (last but not least) discovery of an interesting Flickr site via ArLiSNAP. Though it was the familiar Denver photos that initially caught my eye, the rest is pretty incredible. I have no idea who this person is, but I am envious of his or her a.) travels, b.) photographic guts (I am so shy with a camera), and c.) ability to carry a camera around tirelessly. Fantastic.


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  1. Barrett

    Leslie – Congratulations, once again, on the new job. I’m very glad you put a link to this so that I could see it – I’ve always been an admirer of what you are reading and now I can keep a pulse on it.

    I made a task list today called “Tasca/Taxare,” meaning something owed, a tax. That’s how I feel about tasks and I thought you might appreciate that sentiment.

    Anyway, hope you’re having fun on your second day as a director – I’m very excited for you! May you find that Protestant work ethic – mine still seems to be lost in the depths of my not-so-wavy brain. I think it shall stay there.

    Yours – Barrett

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