When Nietzsche Wept

This book by Irvin D. Yalom was recommended by my therapist (upon request). Ponders a friendship between Friedrich Nietzsche and Josef Breuer that would have shaped both existential philosophy and psychotherapy. Yalom (whom I’m anxious to read more of) is a therapist himself, and offers an intriguing examination of the therapist/patient relationship — the patient’s desire to get closer to the therapist, as well as the simultaneous reluctance to do just that, questions answered with “what do you think…”, and the strange duplicity that seems to be unique in such relationships. I love case studies, and am finding the fictional version really interesting. Also, I know next to nothing about Nietzsche, so this is an interesting (if informal) introduction… I’m simultaneously reading Thus Spake Zarathustra in daily installments thanks to DailyLit. Installments — how Victorian.



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