This Book Will Save Your Life

A.M. Homes has done it again. I wish I could meet this woman, but I don’t know what I would say. She had me with The Safety of Objects, which I picked up in Baltimore last spring, and then Things You Should Know furthered my admiration. If you read one story this year, make it “The Weather Outside is Sunny and Bright.” Anyway, back to the point — This Book Will Save Your Life is refreshing. While I can’t exactly relate to the central character (a middle-aged trader with no significant relationships), his quest for meaning strikes a chord. And this line: “It is just a practice, it doesn’t do anything.” Meditation (in this case), yoga, eating well, living well — they aren’t in themselves transformative. But the practice could be. Action trumps intention. Every single time.  Also, it’s just not that difficult to make friends if only you try.



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