New year, new job. New sheets, new coat. New beginnings, new perspective.

Last year I learned that moving on doesn’t equate getting over, that living alone can be really lonely, and that ideas of truth can differ dramatically. I learned some HTML, some XML, all about tagging, and about RSS feeds. I learned about loose-leaf teas, and that it does matter what you feed your body (so, so much). I learned that you can inhabit a place without really living there.

This year I resolve to have more resolve. I will stay in touch with people I like and love. I will make new friends (realizing this isn’t an effortless endeavor). I’ll make decisions and not be paralyzed by too many options. I’ll accept decisions I’ve made and not dwell on those I didn’t.

And… the new job starts tomorrow. It’s my first “real” job: full-time, benefited, pays reasonably, and doesn’t have an end date. I am a director now! I’m nervous. I’m excited. Will I be a good boss? Will I learn quickly enough? Will I get bored? The truth: I am as prepared for this as I can be, and I’m a good fit for the job. Which feels good in many ways, but also increases the pressure to impress. Katy has said that we shouldn’t feel bad about feeling incompetent — it signifies an opportunity to learn. And so tomorrow I’ll learn. And the next day, and the next. How lucky am I to be able to work in a position where I deal with art, libraries, education, and technology? Very.



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